Why do you use the festivals’ artwork of their cancelled/postponed editions?

Besides the fact that the website allows users to share the festivals’ new dates, we want to raise awareness for the global impact of the corona pandemic on the music industry, more specifically on music festivals worldwide.

That’s why we’ve created a very visual and ever expanding overview by using the festivals’ announcement images (posters, flyers, online communication…) for the editions that unfortunately had to be cancelled or postponed. The overview shows you all these festivals in order of their original date (the default setting).

Since many festivals’ don’t have any artwork yet for their postponed/next edition (no new line-up confirmed or not even new dates set), we would not be able to create a consistent and complete overview by using next edition posters, flyers…

Also, by using the original communication pieces we want to honor all the artwork that was made. Made for festival editions that have never taken place or never will.

We’ve already created new artwork for the next edition of our festival. Can’t we show that on the website as well?

Yes you can, but not in the overview on the homepage. The main posters shown in the overview will always be the original festival posters/flyers mentioning the original date(s) of the cancelled/postponed festival editions.

If you already have an image available that announces new dates, first names of the line-up, headliners, the entire line-up or other specific information, you can upload it as well. It will then be shown in the pop-up, in a carrousel together with your original poster.

How come our festival poster/flyer is on your website while we’ve never uploaded it ourselves?

There are two possible explanations.

Before offically launching this website we uploaded the posters of about 250 festivals ourselves so that there would already be a nice and interesting overview on the website from the start. In that case your festival was personally contacted, either by email or through your social media channels. The fact that your music festival is featured on our website means that either someone of your organisation gave us a written permission or we didn’t receive any answer at all. In the latter case, and taken into account that we’ve received many highly positive reactions to this initiative, we took the liberty to add your festival to the overview. In fact we have not received one single explicit prohibition to mention a certain music festival.

It’s also possible that your poster was uploaded by random people, for example by fans of your festival (although we state in our Terms & Conditions that users should have the permission of the festival organizer, which of course is very difficult to verify).

In both cases you can always contact us to have the poster removed from our website, or to change, add, replace certain things.

You can also make any desired modification yourself by using your unique login code.

How do I use the login code to change/replace/remove an uploaded festival poster and additional information on the website?

You can enter your login code at the bottom right corner of the website (‘Edit your poster’). You will then enter the upload screen for your specific poster where you can make changes (for example to correct a misspelled festival name), replace a poster/flyer with a better one (but always an original piece for the cancelled/postponed 2020 edition of your festival), add information (for example links to your social media channels, additional genres or newly announced dates for your next edition), or remove everything, which we would regret of course.

After submission, your modifications will be validated again. Once approved, your poster will be updated automatically.

I would like to remove/replace an uploaded festival poster and/or adjust the associated information, but I don’t have a login code.

The login code is created automatically with every upload of a new festival poster/flyer and will be send to you in a confirmation email once your upload has been successfully validated. In case your festival poster hasn’t been uploaded by you but by us, you can still request your personal login code by contacting us at hello@musicalwayssurvives.com or you can ask us to make the requested changes for you.

In both cases we ask you to use an official email address or other official channels of your music festival to get in touch with us. This as a guarantee that your adjustments or requests are justified.

I have uploaded a festival poster/flyer but it doesn’t show on the website (anymore).

There are several reasons why this can occur:

  1. Your upload hasn’t been validated yet. Your poster/flyer will only show up on the website once it has been approved, which will be confirmed to you by email.
  2. Your upload is being refused because it contains imagery that we do not approve according to our Terms & Conditions. This could either be an inappropriate image, an image that doesn’t meet our quality standards (for example because of low resolution) or an image for the wrong edition of your festival.
  3. It is possible that uploaded images (although inappropriate and/or of bad quality) have slipped through the mazes of the net and appear on the website anyway. In that case, we can also remove them afterwards, for example when we spotted them ourselves or after they’ve been reported by other users. We can remove these images without the obligation to communicate this in advance, nor afterwards.